What You Should Know About Weight Loss

Weight Loss and What You Should Know

 Weight loss is a very hot topic today. Every magazine out there has at least 1 page dedicated to weight loss, or some article on how to loose weight fast. Every one of these articles seem to have one common theme. They want to show you how to lose fat or lose poundsusing there so caled proven method of success.

 Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot of these articles are very informitive and they do have good methods for how to lose weight fast, or just plain lose weight in general. But, where most of these articles fall short, is on underscoring the main cause of weight gain. Therefore you go on there so called weight loss diet, and you lose or don’t lose weight based on the program they offer, and then life gets in the way for some reason or another. And yes, you guessed it. You are right back to the same weight you started off with, or in some cases more.

 Why is this you ask?  Why do some weight lossdiets work and some dont? Well, the answer is very simple. and I am going to get to that very soon. But first, let me ask you a question. Have you ever baught a weight loss product or weight loss program that flat out from the begining, they said “you ar over weight because….”? My guess is probably not. There is a reason for this my friends. And the reason is, if you know why you are this way you can prevent it from happening again. And thus, you would not need to buy there product again and again….  See where I am going with this? Or, better yet, have you ever baught a product (ie. weight loss pills, loose weight fast program) and you get started with the program with enthusiasm, only to quit it after awhile because you didn’t get the results like they said you would. Well friends, you are not alone. I have purchased these same type of products in the past. And yes, I got the same results you did. But, lucky for you, I have desided to do some research on this and this is what I found.

 It all comes down to motivation, and most importantly, results. Let me explain. If you have an idea or lets say a goal. lets use weight lossfor example. You first have this goal, so yo do what? you design a plan to accomplish it. Right? of course you do. so you go out and do a little work (ie. weight loss diet, exercise) and you get some results. Maybe these results are favoable. And that’s great. You got some positive reinfocement. so you keep on chugging away at it. Getting more great results. Thus, reinforcing your goal and causing you to do some more work and the cycle just goes on and on. But, let’s say you are not getting results. What happens then? Well, you just gt some negative reinforcement. And therefor your goal seams less atainable. You don’t do as much work this time and you get even less results. Eventually you give up all together and go back to the way things used to be. Bottom line here folks, is you have to like what you ar doing. You have to be motivated to get the results that you desire.

 Like I said before, I have done some research out thereand found two great products. The first is called “The every other day diet” and the otherone is called “Cheat your way to be thin”. Both of these products do what they claim and they are very informative. As a matter of fact, you will never look at dieting the same way again after you view these. also I recomend you get my Free 10 page report called “30 Days To A Slimer you”.  Go to my site to get your Free copy today. is proudly powered by