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Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 28, 2008 --, Inc. (, the leader in local healthcare provider search, announced today the launch of "HealthDecision ''08: Obama and McCain on Health Care" (, an interactive voting guide for the 2008 U.S. presidential election. HealthDecision ''08 by is an initiative to inform, educate and deploy the power of the web to gather public opinion on the health care proposals put forth by Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. HealthDecision ''08 provides a side-by-side comparison of Obama''s and McCain''s healthcare positions and proposals, along with interactive voting tools that enable users to vote for their preferred health care plan and offer their own comments after weighing through the issues.

"With health care remaining a fundamental issue in this historic 2008 election, is leveraging its growing traffic base to put health care issues in the forefront of public opinion," said Howard Yeh, VP of Corporate Development at "We are excited to take a leadership position in presenting the issues, analyzing the respective platforms of Barack Obama and John McCain, and enabling our users to voice opinions through their words and through their actions."

The features of HealthDecision ''08 include:

- Side-by-Side Position Comparison: Point-by-point comparison of the Obama and McCain health care proposals

- Vote for a Health Plan: Online voting that enables informed voters to choose between Obama and McCain on health care

- Comments: Platform for users to comment and ask questions related to each respective health care proposal

- Five Questions: A five-question questionnaire assisting undecided voters decide upon a particular health care plan based on their responses

- Videos: Videos showing both candidates speaking on the topic of health care reform

- Multimedia Resources: Third-party multimedia content from leading health care initiatives such as (sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation) and The HealthCentral Network

"With HealthDecision ''08, has presented the most systematic comparison of the Obama and McCain health care platforms on the web," said noted e-health pioneer and health care industry expert, Michael G. Ryan, MBA, FACHE. "With my formal academic training in political science/health care management and 30+ years of studying, working, advising, and observing the U.S. health care system, this robust health policy summary on HealthDecision ''08 provides participants with an interactive ''insiders playbook'' on the candidates'' health care platforms in a succinct and concise manner." A former White House intern, Mike Ryan has over 25 years of leadership experience and expertise in e-health, technology and management, including previous CEO positions of several large-scale health systems. He is currently the Chairman of Executive Impact Group (, an executive advisory firm that serves healthcare, biotech and technology companies worldwide.

HealthDecision ''08 by will be open for voting through November 4, 2008.

For websites (blogs, newspapers, health sites, etc.) wishing to display HealthDecision ''08''s real-time results, please contact using the information provided below.

HealthDecision''08 can be accessed at, with its flagship web property at, features Care Provider Search?, the web''s leading healthcare provider directory connecting health consumers with healthcare professionals and healthcare-related businesses. In addition to operating a leading online health website, has syndicated Care Provider Search? to leading newspaper websites, local media and health portals, allowing its partners'' audiences to engage with local health providers. Syndication partners include MedHelp, AOL Health, Everyday Health, dLife,, The Miami Herald and The Olympian. For health professionals, offers free profile pages, free email service, a blogging platform, and a health care jobs search engine. For health consumers, offers informational content through a health portal, health content search, medication search, and health insurance search. For additional information, please visit

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